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What is written on one of the oldest messages in a bottle ever discovered?

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Like the story of a Viking wooden box found in ice, the ancient vessels are absolutely fascinating because they contain artifacts from a bygone era. A stone was recently found under the floorboards of a house in Scotland. 135 years of messages.

The whiskey bottle with the note inside was recently found by Paul Allan, owner of WF Wightman Plumbing, while working inside a house in Edinburgh’s Morningside.

Container broken by hammer blow, because the insiders could not remove the piece of paper inside. “We tried desperately to pull the ticket out with tweezers and pliers, but it started to tear. We had to break the bottle as we didn’t want to do any more damage.The owner of the house, Eilidh Stimpson, told Edinburgh Live.

The message showed nothing encrypted and no treasure map, but it was as follows: “James Ritchie and John Grieve laid this floor but did not drink the whiskey. 6 October 1887.“Despite the content, the message is perhaps the oldest ever found in a bottle.

The previous record holder belonged to a 132-year-old Dutch gin bottle from the late 19th century found in Australia.

Source: Every Eye

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