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The orbit of the James Webb Telescope has changed for a reason

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The James Webb Space Telescope is indeed a very good buy and is proving to be invaluable thanks to its unprecedented observations. Problems were certainly not lacking, but for now NASA has handled the situation very well, e recently the trajectory of the instrument has been shifted.

Reason? To prevent micro meteorites from hitting. “We’ve had 14 measurable micrometeoroid pulses in the primary mirror, and we experience an average of once or twice a month, as we previously estimated.said Mike Menzel, Webb’s task systems manager.

In particular, one of these small asteroid fragments hit the primary mirror C3 significantly, resulting in an absolutely important notch that did not go unnoticed. “Luckily, our current optical performance is still twice as high as neededcontinues Menzel.

So scientists, to avoid future problems, put the telescope in a “micrometeoroid avoidance zone”. “Micrometeoroids striking the mirror head have twice the relative velocity and four times the kinetic energy.“, explains Lee Feinberg, head of instrumentation,”therefore, avoiding this aspect whenever possible will help extend excellent optical performance for decades.

In short, let’s hope he’ll be safe in this new place.

Source: Every Eye

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