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Metal detector VI. Henry finds a coin from the era… in Canada!

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A man named Edward Hynes has a very special hobby: searching for treasure with a metal detector. This summer, while exploring the south coast of Newfoundland, Canada, he discovered: an unusual golden object just under 13 centimeters from the surface.

Displayed a photo of a group to investigate the identity of the relic Facebook number of metal detectors: the coin is a lily, a shield and an inscription in Latin. Paul Berry, former curator Money Museum between Bank of Canadawas then able to confirm the community members’ suspicions: the object fourth noble of Henry VI. It was minted in London between 1422 and 1427, making it the oldest English coin ever found in Canada. cnn.

For obvious reasons, the man handed over the coin to the main government because Newfoundland law requires artifacts to be found at the site. belongs to the province. The coin will likely be displayed in the museum rooms at John’s.

Coins according to popular belief already out of circulation before its last owner lost it. Although the Newfoundland government has issued a statement about Edward Hynes’ attempt, the exact location of the gold metal piece is not mentioned. Its value was one shilling eightpence, today’s equivalent of 81 Canadian dollars. Newfoundland has a rich archaeological history, not surprisingly, England’s first possession In the New World of 1583.

Henry VI’s reign ends a few years before that fateful 1492. Discovery of America): if the coin is lost while in circulation, it means that the British have arrived at the scene. about 70 years before 1583 and as a result, before Christopher Columbus’s arrival in America.

Source: Every Eye

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