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AMD lowers Ryzen 7000: Black Friday price with team-red stamps


The official prices for the Ryzen 7000 have moved into its second phase on the market, but it’s time for big discounts on the official website as well. New prices should fit the context of the brand’s offerings. Black Friday 2022.

When you visit the official AMD store, the difference is immediately noticeable, although some previous generation products do not have a red badge. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves.

A significant drop in new CPUs has been seen with the Ryzen 5 7600X moving from the previous 381 to the current ones 299 eurosThe 7700X, on the other hand, comes from 508 euros to 419 euros.

High-end models get the same treatment; Ryzen 9 7900X The flagship 7950X, which costs from 700 to 570 euros, can be purchased for 680 euros instead of 891.

While Ryzen 7000 prices have fallen more than any other continent in Europe and followed more or less the same dynamics worldwide, these prices are now outside the official channels and are somewhat in line with those seen in the rest of the market.
Now we just have to wait to find out if this will really be a temporary change or if these prices will remain in effect even after Black Friday.

Source: Every Eye


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