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Why do winter hats have puffs? there is a very special reason

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We all know the typical winter hat with pompoms. In different sizes and colors, they have long protected us against the wind and the cold. But what is it for and where does the pompom come from? Although it is a simple fashion accessory nowadays, had a specific function in the past.

The history of pompoms is actually quite old and complex. Name that can be written in various ways (pom pom or cheerleaders), seems to come from the French word pom poma translated term”a small ball of fabricHistorians date the first pompoms on hats to 790 BC, Scandinavia.he was a viking.

In fact, a statuette was found on a farm in Sweden in 1904. Freyr, Norse god of peace and fertility. The figurine in question is represented by a pom-pom helmet, as the god was originally described in mythology. Unlike horned helmets (never worn by Vikings), so apparently Pompom hats have been worn by men since ancient times..

But we owe the turning point that made this hat such a common garment. french sailors, more recently. They didn’t just wear it as a winter fashion accessory, they had another one as well. practical function. There the fabric ball on the hats was actually used to cushion the shocks the sailors’ heads resting on the roof of the ships when the waters are at their highest.

The usefulness of the pom-pom on the hat made it a common accessory among sailors, and he later got one. growing popularity among ordinary peoplealso thanks to the low cost and simplicity of decorating clothes.
Do you also wear a pompom hat in winter? Let us know in the comments. By the way, speaking of historical facts, did you know why the white flag has become a sign of surrender?

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