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Goodbye APK on Android TV and Google TV: smart apps get even lighter with bundles

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We already know about the Android App Bundle format, which was introduced in July 2021 and has been used as a new standard on smartphones since August 2021, replacing the classic APK Android Bundle Kit. it will also become standard on Android TV and Google TV from May 2023in a small but important revolution.

As Josh Wentz of the Google TV Product Management team explains, in fact, starting next spring, Google TV and Android TV will also require App Bundles. Six months notice will help developers repackage their apps. reduce the storage footprint by approximately 20%.. However, according to Wentz, this process can take about 3 days to complete. Apps that will not be converted over time may also become invisible to smart TVs.

According to the announcement, TV apps will therefore have a useful archive and unarchive button. memory recovery on smart TVs. Thus, more than 10,000 applications available for the Android TV operating system will be easier to use and will take more place on the green robot’s televisions. That’s exactly why Big G is pushing for the transition to this standard.

Speaking of the operating system itself, a serious flaw was discovered in Android by chance a few days ago.

Source: Every Eye

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