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Twitch surpasses 1.8 billion watch hours as of October 2022, Facebook Gaming catches up

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In the monthly “State of the Stream” report by StreamElements and Rainmaker.gg, as of October 2022 Twitch hits 1.8 billion hours watched worldwide, close to over 2 billion hours in January 2022.

The document also highlights: Top ten categories in October 2022with relative changes at the percent level:

  1. Chat Only: 239 million hours (-3%)
  2. League of Legends: 157 million (+41%)
  3. Overwatch 2: 133 million (n/a)
  4. Grand Theft Auto V: 94 million (-8%)
  5. Dota 2: 82 million (+76%)
  6. Valorant: 65 million (+47%)
  7. Fifa 23: 60 million (+84%)
  8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 56 million (-3%)
  9. Minecraft: 42 million (-31%)
  10. World of Warcraft: 32 million (-27%)

buy as seen in the first place we find the category “Chat Only” openly includes talk shows hosted by various Twitch channels.

In the same time frame, Facebook Gaming reached 342 million hours watched, down from 329 million hours in September. YouTube Gaming, on the other hand, recorded 272 million hours watched in October, still low compared to August when it was 305 million.

Also interesting is the data from Overwatch 2, which debuted as the third most watched game on Twitch.

If we come to Twitch again, we remind you that the third edition of EyeExpo is live on our channel until 25 November 2022.

Source: Every Eye

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