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EcoFlow offers on portable power plants to mark Black Friday 2022

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EcoFlow, the eco-friendly energy solutions company, Black Friday special offers at portable power stationsready to guarantee access to energy during outdoor activities or in the need to charge several technological devices at the same time.

First among the EcoFlow products included in current promotions EcoFlow DELTA charging station, sold for 1,199 euros instead of 1,449 euros. This model is compatible with a wide variety of appliances (including most home or DIY tools), has 4 x 1800 W AC outlets and offers 1260 Wh capacity at a weight of 14 kg. also charge small electric vehicles.

model EcoFlow DELTA Max instead, it is offered between the DELTA Max 1600 and the DELTA Max 2000 for 1,599 Euros or 2,099 Euros, depending on the model requested. This power station is equipped with 2400 W of continuous power. 5000W extraordinary maximum peak. It also boasts a high capacity of 1612 Wh for the Delta Max (1600) or 2016 Wh for the Delta Max (2000) and up to 6048 Wh thanks to the expandable design and dual charging, all packed into just 22kg. DELTA Max can compete with some gasoline generators on the market in terms of capacity and performance: therefore it is suitable for those who need great power and endurance to never run out of energy.

Finally I EcoFlow solar panels It allows them to be converted into fully self-contained power plants and costs 299 Euros or 549 Euros respectively for the 110W and 220W versions.

Concluding, we refer you to our EcoFlow DELTA 2 analysis.

Source: Every Eye

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