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Stop layoffs for Twitter: Elon Musk announces new hires

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The layoffs on Twitter are over. CEO at meeting with employees Elon Musk announced that the company is done with layoffs. and now it is ready to recruit new people.

Musk actively talked about hiring for roles. engineering and sales department, but Twitter did not specify which numbers would appear in its organizational chart. In the meeting, Musk stated that the priority is “good people who can write software” refers to developers and engineers, the two figures most affected by the heavy workforce cuts.

The meeting was an opportunity to talk 360 degrees about Musk’s plans: The CEO is currently Twitter has no plans to move its headquarters to TexasAs was done with Tesla, but with a “double seatin California and Texas. “If we were to move headquarters to Texas, I think someone would start saying Twitter is right-wing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”, he told employees. “This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. Taken over by Twitter’s moderate winghe stated.

The eccentric CEO also freedom of expression theme: “we need to represent more than one point of view even if we disagree‘ he agreed, and also made a kind of mea culpa while talking about internal restructuring, and that his plan was probably “it may be wrong in some places but we will fix it in time”.

Musk also took Japan as an example in the meeting: “Twitter may seem like it’s US-based, but if anything, it’s based in Japan. Although Japan has a third of the US population, the number of daily active users in Japan is roughly the same as in the US.” he declared.

Meanwhile, as Donald Trump returned to Twitter over the weekend, Apple’s Phil Schiller deleted his account.

Source: Every Eye

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