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A flock of sheep has been spinning nonstop for 10 days and no one knows why.

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In the Inner Mongolia region of northern China, people realized a very (very!) strange truth: a great truth. flock of sheep mysteriously returns for at least 10 days and no one understood why.

As you can see in the video you will find at the bottom of the news, there is no clear explanation for this behavior, although many people suggest it. May be caused by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes (By the way, did you know that a bacterium that does not exist in nature was created by a computer?).

Secondly, it causes listeriosis, which can affect the nervous system of living things, infecting only one side of the brain stem, mouth and head tilt causing paralysis of one side of the animal at an angle, it also causes them to walk in circles (hence it’s also called “circular disease”).

However, many experts disagree with this diagnosis, as some sheep would die if this were the case. “How it manifests itself is usually only between 1 and 10 percent, not half of the herd.Andrew Fisher, a professor of medicine for cattle and sheep production at the University of Melbourne, told ABC News.

According to experts, animals are repetitive pattern of behavior without obvious goals or functions, often in response to stress, frustration, or boredom. “Sheep seem to stay in the barn for a long time, and this can lead to stereotypical behavior that comes back again and again from the frustration of being confined and imprisoned.

Although sheep are incredibly democratic creatures, they tend to follow the herd, the rest will likely follow the lead of a handful of members They start to spin in circles and create this kind of “loop”, causing them to go around in circles non-stop for 10 days.

Source: Every Eye

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