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The physicist is trying to figure out if we are living in a simulation with an experiment.

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We can’t really know if we’re living in a simulation. But in addition to knowing a way to test whether humanity lives inside a supercomputer, a physicist also lenders to implement the idea.

We’re talking about Melvin Vopson of the University of Portsmouth, England, who explained the theory behind his test. The idea behind it is simple to understand: in a “simulated universe would have lots of information everywhere” and that these bits will be “represented by a code”.

Therefore, detecting the latter would confirm the fact that we are living in a simulation. Physics “the recently proposed mass-energy-information equivalence principle“which shows that”mass can also be expressed as energy or information, and vice versa.” Vopson believes lice have a small mass and if anyone can find it, they can detect the lice themselves; The fifth form of matter in the universe after solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas.

What is the experiment about? “It involves erasing information contained in elementary particles by allowing them and their antiparticles to annihilate each other in a flash of energy by emitting ‘photons’ or particles of light.“So the scientist is trying to do that”Build a benchtop positron-electron annihilation system with special components that will enable simultaneous detection of gamma and infrared photons.

Funding was requested on the “Indiegogo” website, and as absurd as such an idea might sound, $1,000 has already been collectedLess than 1% to reach $219,000 milestone.

Source: Every Eye

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