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This creature that disappeared from circulation for 140 years has reappeared

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Thanks to the photo traps placed on Fergusson island in Papua New Guinea, the researchers Observe a creature that has disappeared from circulation for 140 years. We are talking about the very rare black-feathered pheasant pigeon.

The last photos and videos of the bird belong to 1882.. bird “big black pigeon” Together “wide and side-tucked tailAccording to a recent statement by scientists at the American Bird Conservancy, “it lives only on the island off the east coast of Papua New Guinea.

See finding images “it was like finding a unicorn”Says John C. Mittermeier, director of the Lost Birds program at the American Bird Conservancy and co-leader of the expedition (by the way, how did the legend of the Unicorn come about?). “It’s the kind of moment you’ve dreamed of all your life as a conservationist and bird watcher.‘, adds the scientist.

Insiders like Jordan Boersma, a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University and co-leader of the expedition, were delighted by this unexpected discovery:I am fascinated by this photo and this bird passing in front of our camera.” Boersma thought they had less than one percent chance to obtain a black-necked pigeon-pheasant picture.

However, as is often the case in nature, the species has been found again… in the hope (most likely) that it is not endangered.

Source: Every Eye

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