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Few assignments and no grades: many kids’ dream come true in Rome

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No grades, little homework, and lots of group work and self-assessment. This is how high school works Morgagni from Rome. But will there really be any positive results?

The canonical voting system also needs a complete overhaul, according to various industry experts. For example, at a Roman science high school for several years students are not graded. It seems that every child’s wish will come true, and it seems that the new system will give excellent results.

There will be less stress and performance anxiety than teachers and students. Students and others are questioned in class and their assignments are given, but in the end, professors do not write numerical or actual grades, but push students to understand how and how much they studymake them think about how they can improve further.

According to the head teacher: “Grades measure knowledge, not skills. And the statistics tell us: students with better grades do not have better skills for life. School should be for everyone. And 3 does not serve growth, it only serves to lower self-esteem.

This much? There are very conflicting opinions on this issue, as evidenced by the school career of Bill Gates. Those who criticize and raise many doubts about the new modality and instead what pedagogues and psychologists always approve of, namely peer education works. For this reason, almost all of the time is left to interact in the class group.

Source: Every Eye

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