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This tribe has eyes of ice: But it’s a rare syndrome

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Did you know that there is an ice-eyed tribe in Indonesia after discovering that our eyes work as a video surveillance system? Yes, this trait is caused by a very rare genetic condition.

A few years ago, extremely suggestive photos of photographer Korchnoi Pasaribu were published and immediately went around the world. a tribe with a rare genetic mutation. We are talking about some inhabitants of the Indonesian island of Buton, southeast of Sulawesi.

Generally, dark-eyed and dark-haired populations live in this region, but among them one tribe with really special features stands out. Bright blue eyes and an unusual glow They certainly cannot be overlooked..

These traits will result from a rare genetic condition. we are talking about Waardenburg syndromeHe affects about one in 42,000 people worldwide and (in addition to hearing problems) are characterized precisely by changes in iris coloration and ocular heterochromia, ie differential coloration of two irises in the same subject.

It is very common among its members precisely because of their kinship. genetic condition is actually autosomal dominantThis means that anyone who carries this gene has a 50% chance of later passing it on to their offspring.

It seems increasingly clear that Indonesia is a land of as yet undiscovered curiosities, as evidenced by the women of the Dani tribe who cut off their fingers.

Source: Every Eye

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