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British antitrust against Apple and Google: they would be a “full-fledged duo”

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After Apple was severely hacked less than twenty-four hours ago for its way of managing user privacy, news broke today that House of Cupertino will be joining Google. at risk of a British antitrust investigationIt aims to confirm the dominance of the two companies in the web browser industry.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has actually confirmed over the past few hours that a series of consultations last June will provide some insight. “Substantial evidence” for investigation against Apple and Google regarding their alleged dominance of web browsers for mobile devices. Also, in the case of Apple, the charges will be even more serious, as the Bitten Apple is also to blame. Restricting access to Cloud Gaming via the App Store.

Indeed, a study conducted by the CMA on a sample of British companies operating in the high-tech sector,86% of respondents support an investigation It is aimed at two multinational companies defined by the company and the iOS and Android ecosystems. antitrust English “a fully fledged duo“According to the CMA, this default duopoly is the two companies’choke your throat” into the field of mobile browsers and cloud games on smartphones.

L’The investigation should last a maximum of 18 months., therefore under British law the CMA is expected to reach a final decision by mid-2024 at the latest. For the next year and a half,authority It will have to gather information to prove its hypothesis, and will likely require Apple and Google to implement systems to compare monopolistic practices, which the investigation could highlight.

Meanwhile, the Bitten Apple,we will continue cooperate constructively with authorities and with the Competition and Markets Authority to explain that our approach to promoting competition and choice always keeps the safety and privacy of consumers in check.”.

Source: Every Eye

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