Home Tech Latest situation from Elon Musk: Is Trump returning to Twitter? “Blame the Activists”

Latest situation from Elon Musk: Is Trump returning to Twitter? “Blame the Activists”


Elon Musk reopened Twitter’s doors to Donald Trump just days ago, but saw himself slammed in the face by the former President of the United States. Not only that: Musk’s decision It sparked controversy among Twitter usersThat the Tesla CEO has decided to respond in the last few hours.

Donald Trump’s default return has, in fact, triggered a real coming and going of Twitter users as Apple executive Phil Schiller (and many other members) bid farewell to his platform. social). Many criticized Musk for the following reasons: did not keep his word: just a few weeks ago, actually, business man He promised an internal Twitter Council would decide whether to reinstate the former Republican president, who was banned for life for his role in the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol in Washington.

As the events of the last few days have shown, this council never existed and was never summoned, while the former President was “reinstated” on the social network by a vote on Musk’s profile. In addition, the spate of criticism directed at this modality is that the Council, envisioned by Twitter’s new owner, “in theory”consists of people with a broad spectrum of views”guarantees political pluralism in such a sensitive decision.

Now, however, Musk himself intervened in the discussion, trying to defend himself: post on twitterbillionaire explained “a broad coalition of political and social activist groups agreed not to try to kill our social network deprives us of ad revenue If I had consented to this condition [quella per cui un Consiglio avrebbe deciso le sorti di Trump su Twitter; ndr]. They broke this deal”.

Elon Musk’s words are hard to interpret: it certainly is, as The Verge points out. This is not the first”activists“They are accused by the Tesla CEO to justify his actions. However, it is not clear which one at the moment.group coalition“Talk to the billionaire himself tweetsnor if the agreement he spoke of was implied or written. What Elon Musk is undoubtedly right about is that Twitter’s ad revenues have fallen rapidly in recent days, bringing the platform to the brink of bankruptcy.

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