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Will the iPhone 15 Pro be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro? It seems so and TSMC is to blame

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If you’re one of those who criticize the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max prices as too high, there seems to be bad news on the horizon. In fact, next year The price of the iPhone 15 series may increasethis time due to a move by TSMC.

The Taiwanese chip maker actually recently Doubled the prices of 3nm chips compared to less developed nodes. This means that the first to be affected will be Apple, which will implement 3nm TSMC chips in the iPhone 15 and may even have convinced the Taipei-based company to move some of its semiconductor production to the United States with more advanced nodes.

to be precise, A wafer with a 3nm chip will cost $20,000Against 10,000 for a 7nm chip and 16,000 for a 5nm chip. The price increase is clearly due to the reduction in the size of the node and hence the increased complexity of the manufacturing process. Therefore, many manufacturers may be forced not to “jump” to 3 nm immediately, but to stick with less efficient but also cheaper nodes, such as the 4 nm and 5 nm ones.

Obviously, such a price increase, 50% compared to 7 nm node and it could increase the price of the iPhone 15 by 20% compared to the 5nm one: this should especially apply to the two “Pro” models, as there are vanilla versions of iPhones. next generation they will still have an A16 Bionic chip built with a 4nm TSMC node

Worse still, there is the rumored fact that Apple will use Premium materials for the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra, switching to a titanium body and curved edges. In short, it seems that iPhone 15 will be even cheaper from their predecessors.

Source: Every Eye

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