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Today, November 23, Fibonacci Day is celebrated, the day of the famous mathematician.

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November 23 is a day dedicated to Leonardo Pisano, known as Fibonacci, one of the most important mathematicians of all time. Born in Pisa around 1170, he contributed greatly to the revival of mathematics and the scientific method in Europe.

But why exactly November 23? If read as 11-23, today’s date also represents the first 4 digits of the year. Fibonacci Sequence (the Fibonacci sequence, which has its origins in ancient times, was actually used by Indian poets centuries ago).

Next, each number is the sum of the previous two. Leonardo Pisano discovered this when he was determined to find a mathematical law that could describe the growth of a rabbit population.
Assuming we have a pair of rabbits that become fertile at the end of the first month and give birth to a new pair after the second month, by the third month we will have 3 pairs of rabbits (2 pairs made up of the first original).

Continuing in this way, The rabbit population will grow according to the famous TV series. 3 pairs in the third month, 5 pairs in the fourth month, 8 pairs in the fifth month, etc. Fibonacci introduced this concept on his own. free kissesincredibly important manuscript that helps Spreading all kinds of mathematical topics in the West.

Fibonacci is also responsible for its discovery. golden sectionor the golden number that can be guessed directly from the sequence. The golden ratio is known because we can find it in several places. natural geometrical arrangementssuch as plants or shells. It is also commonly used in art as “.golden rectangle”: in architecture, painting, and music. The Fibonacci sequence has also been found in man-made tree structures.

In short, we can find the series everywhere around us, and today is a great day to celebrate one of the most fascinating mathematical concepts with its discoverer.

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