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Spotify considers young podcasters: an unmissable feature coming soon

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It’s not been long since the Spotify update for Apple Watch, and now it’s time to welcome a new must-have feature for podcasters: Sound Enhancement comes to Anchornecessary to record podcasts in high quality, even with non-high-end microphones.

The announcement comes directly from the music streaming giant via the Anchor blog; we read here that Sound Enhancement is nothing but a handy sound editing tool. automatically reduces background noise with one faucet and to improve podcast quality even if you’re recording on the subway, bus, cafe or any other distraction in the background that may degrade the sound quality.

The results will certainly not be exceptional, but it is still an option. help young, aspiring podcasters bring their programs to life. Starting today, November 23, 2022, Audio Enhancement will be available for free to all creators around the world. In short, if you’ve always had doubts about your recording setup, this might be the right opportunity to try creating a podcast your own little way without the high-end kit.

But last month, the CEO talked about a possible price increase for Spotify Premium.

Source: Every Eye

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