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HonorOS 7.0 is official: it comes with many new features for the Honor ecosystem


Simultaneously with the introduction of the Honor 80 series in China, the international communityMagicOS 7.0 announcementA new iteration of the operating system that debuted with the Honor 80. Let’s find out together the main innovations of the last privatization signed by the Chinese company.

First, you need to reboot Words from Honor CEO George ZhaoThe one who briefly explains the purpose of MagicOS: “Honor MagicOS brings an inclusive ecosystem to life with fully updated software architecture for an unmatched user experience. Honor MagicOS will enable seamless collaboration between devices and ecosystems, transforming device-based experiences into truly user-centric experiences.”.

Therefore, the switch from Magic UI to MagicOS marks a clear break from the past and also introduces some very interesting features. In fact, along with the minimal design of the interface and the unreleased Honor Sans font, we find the Magic Ring above all: this feature, Easy sharing of files, notifications, apps and services between Honor devicesnamely between smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Added to this are a number of “upgrade” options for the system: OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X, and Link Turbo X They deal with the optimization of the operating system to guarantee faster opening of applications, optimization during game activity and improved management of energy consumption. Finally, MagicGuard is the new malware protection system Using the Dual TEE Security System created by Honor in collaboration with Qualcomm.

While the roadmap of updates for the Chinese market has been released, this list will likely not coincide with the update’s landing on the Old Continent. Therefore, it is better to wait for news for our market.

We also watched the launch of the foldable Honor Magic Vs yesterday.

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