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Mars’ Jezero crater was definitely a lake and filled with organic matter.

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In the first 208 days of Perseverance’s stay on Mars, NASA was able to gather a large amount of information about the Jezero crater, where the rover fully landed in February 2021. Today, we can definitely say that the aforementioned gap exists. a ancient lake containing organic molecules.

Be careful assuming that the existence of organic molecules definitely means that there is life on the Red Planet; however, find them makes the possibility more likely. From the data obtained, it was found that the Jezero crater has a contaminated coating with igneous rocks formed by magma, which may be associated with volcanism or meteoric impacts. Experts say that the properties of the rock material pass water changes.

It turns out that Jezero crater is indeed what we suspected based on orbital imaging. This is a about three and a half billion years ago. And that’s really exciting for us, because life on Earth was thriving while there was liquid water on Mars.”, so a IFLscience Dr. Joseph Razzell Hollis, del Natural History Museum from London.

Now it remains only to find out whether it is me or not. essential building blocks for life.

The scientists were able to analyze the mineral makeup of the Jezero coating. Scanning Habitable Environments for Organic and Chemical Substances with Raman and Luminescenceor SHERLOC for short. It is a built-in tool for the roaming Patience able to detect fluorescence of certain compounds organic It is found in rocks rich in olivine.

These could potentially be the building blocks of life, but we won’t know for sure until we analyze these examples in more detail.”, Dr. hollis

Test tube samples will be brought back to earth dismissal Mars Sample Returnfor further investigation. Only then can we say with certainty that there is life on Mars. The determination that the Jezero crater was a lake with its own organic molecules led to another observation: Sedimentary rocks were also identified in the great Gale cavity, far from the first. These organic molecules was common on the planet.

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