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Mazda RX-7 abandoned in garage, like new again after 23 years

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Mazda has several cars in its assortment, but there are always two models that are emblematic of the brand: the MX-5 and the RX-7. The Miata has a lot of fans, and the record-breaking assembly of the 700 MX-5 at the Modena circuit is proof of that, but the latter is no different and Finding a completely original RX-7 isn’t easy these days..

Youtube channel WD Detailing He knows this very well and even makes it clear in his last video that the black RX-7 hero of the movie is one of the rare cars on the channel. The example you see in the pictures A completely original third generation RX-7 that has spent the last 23 years locked in a garagealong with another first generation RX-7.

The owner bought it in 1994 but decided to park it in the garage in 1999, fearing the performance it could deliver. Just over 14,000 km active. Since then, the car has been locked in the garage to collect dust and provide shelter for various mice (many of which were found inside the car during cleaning). WD Detailing they recovered it to restore it to its original state.

So the car first got a body wash to remove the “stack” (look at the world’s most expensive car wash with 4 million Pagani Huayra), and then the meticulous cleaning of every corner of the car began. Long time in the garage still in excellent condition and fully functional including retractable light system. The result speaks for itself: The Mazda RX-7 looks like it just came out of the dealership.

Source: Every Eye

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