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Maneuver 2023 bypasses the requirement to accept POS for payments under 30 Euros

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Payment systems in Italy continue to change with the 2023 Budget Maneuver launched by the Council of Ministers a few days ago. Meloni is among the 136 articles of the government budget law.There is a last minute change in electronic payments.

In additionraise the ceiling to 5,000 euros for cashThe government has eliminated the obligation to accept POS for micropayments, which has been confronting political forces in recent days.

For amounts under 30 EurosAs a matter of fact, businesses will no longer be forced to accept payments with credit cards and Bancomat, and the fines imposed by Draghi Executive will be suspended.

As reported by Il Sole 24 ore, which had the opportunity to examine the entire system of the law, in Italy, the Ministry of Works and Mines will have to make a decision within 180 days (hence by June 2023) “Exclusion criteria to ensure the proportionality of sanctions and to ensure that transactions are economical in relation to their costs”.

Basically, therefore, we go back to last year before the introduction of the rule by the Draghi government, which mainly focused on the use of electronic payments to reduce miropayments smuggling. Even the Conte II government had enforced post-pandemic cashback and follow-up payments.

Source: Every Eye

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