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Scalpers struggle with RTX 4080 sales, profits plummet


The collapse of the graphics card market apparently also affects the peelers. This was revealed by an analysis of the GeForce RTX 40 by Scalpers on eBay by Tom’s Hardware.

Shortly after its release, the RTX 4080 went on sale for $1,799.99 for the Founders Edition, raising just over $2,000 for premium AIB cards. However, the Tom’s Hardware study revealed that: the aforementioned RTX 4080 isn’t going as hot cake as previous generations didbut also when compared to other models.

LThe RTX 4080 actually sells for 3.4x less than the RTX 4090: This means that one 4080 is sold for every 3.4 RTX 4090 cards carried. Tom’s Hardware also explains that the scalers are only able to sell 8 RTX 4090s in 24 hours, versus 64 RTX 4090s. The data also shows that GPU sales on Ebay have consistently dropped or remained unchanged since the launch of the RTX 4080.

There are many reasons for this trend, but most importantly, it has to do with the price scapers are asking: 30% more MSRP for the 4080 and 38% for the 4090, pushing consumers to choose the second model.

It also turned out that Scalpers make small profits due to price drops and fees charged by eBay.

Source: Every Eye


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