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Former Apple executive on iPad: ‘Nobody knows what it’s for, it’s limited’


Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee Keeps claiming the iPad is a failure because even after years, no one knows what it does.

In a post on his MondayNote blog, Gassee analyzes Apple’s financial results, which he describes as “”.good overallAlthough R&D expenditures increased by 20%, revenue increased by approximately 8% and profits increased by 5%.

The only downside, according to Gassee, is iPad data defined as “less sunny”.

The computer scientist, who has been the executive director of Apple’s Macintosh division since 1991, states in the post:Despite efforts to strengthen the iPad lineup with iPadOS, sales fell. In the last three months and the full year, Mac revenue rises while iPad revenue falls”, as announced by Apple last quarter.

This is exactly where the tablet discussion Gassee made a break through is linked to. “The iPad has had a troubled and tumultuous history. After increasing sales following its launch in 2010, revenue began to decline in 2013.”, but what are the reasons? Gassee quotes a statement by Steve Jobs. Guess a place for iPad between iPhone and Mac.

But”What exactly is an iPad? A larger iPhone or a smaller, compromised Mac?” The question Gassee asks himself depends on who he’s going out with Years later, we still don’t understand what the iPad is for..

If there is going to be a third category of devices, it has to be better than laptops and smartphones for surfing the web, sending email and reading. Otherwise there is no reason for it to exist. The thing is, notebooks aren’t better at anything, but we think there is such a thing, and that’s iPads.Gassee says accordingly Apple has done little to make tablets more productive and it did nothing but make it a “giant iPhone”, but it’s limited. The manufacturer’s path is making the iPad more and more a Surface, and there’s no software to match it.

Source: Every Eye


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