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Did you know that officially 3,500 WWII soldiers are on duty?

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Hiroo Onoda will be remembered for a long time as a soldier who served his country (Japan) 29 years after the war, remaining active for decades in the mountains of the Philippines where he planned and orchestrated attacks. While Onoda was the last soldier of World War II, officially there are 3,500 people still in service.

374 officers and 3,131 men who fought in World War II, especially for the United States still “on patrol” 77 years after the end of the war. These are not men recruited for “top secret” operations in a remote part of the world… The reasoning behind this is far more poignant than might have been expected.

The soldiers were all on board US submarines that never come home. It is customary to list armed men on non-returning submarines as “still on patrol” or “eternal patrol”, but the truth is that these underwater vehicles sunk a long time ago.

At the same time, the sailors in the communications room once a year a message to these means of transport As a tradition during the Christmas holidays. “We will never forget that it is our submarines that guard the lines against the enemy as our fleets make up for losses and repair wounds.“, reads a plaque dedicated to the honor of the martyrs.

Source: Every Eye

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