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Graphics cards, critical condition: last quarter “worst since 2009”

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After the decline in graphics card prices in recent weeks following the announcement of the next generation AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, today comes the usual quarterly analysis of the graphics card market for the third quarter of 2022. does not bring good news for companies operating there

The market analysis comes from Jon Peddie Research and refers to the period between Q3 2022, or July 1st to September 30th of this year, covering GPUs made by Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. As is commonly expected, picture from market research not the best: on the contrary, the market is said to be shrinking by 25.1% year-on-year. Specifically, the decline was 15% in the desktop sector and around 30% in the laptop sector.

Jon Peddie himself defined what we are. “worst crash since 2009“explains that the current situation in the IT market is (or nearly) unprecedented. The figure for the discrete GPU sector is truly alarming, given that we’re talking about 14 million video card sales, down 41.6% from the 24 million in the same quarter last year. Obviously, the contraction more serious in the discrete graphics industry than the integrated graphics available in most preassembled desktops and laptops on the market, which cost less.

Despite an overall picture that certainly doesn’t make you smile, NVIDIA seems to perform better Between two rival companies: Team Verde consolidated its dominance, reaching a record 88% of video cards installed in the last quarter. On the other hand, AMD is bad, with its position falling below 10% of the overall market and with a share of about 8%. Intel is after 4% of the market.

The better news is in terms of quarterly data. 3rd quarter of 2022 was a better period than 2nd quarter of 2022In fact, total sales of desktop GPUs (discrete and integrated) rose from 26 million to 28 million. But the laptop industry continues to decline: in fact, GPUs deployed in just one semester fell from 58 million to 48 million.

Source: Every Eye

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