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LinkedIn updated: scheduling posts functionality coming soon


related news coming LinkedIn, the social network owned by Microsoft with more than 15 million subscribers in our country. The company is introducing a new functionality that lets you schedule posts to be sent directly from the platform, without having to rely on third-party apps.

For example, a path already taken by other social networks instagramIncorporating new privacy regulations along with a tightening for youth recently announced by Meta.

In the application, users can decide schedule one of your posts to be sent at a specific time of a specific calendar day, all directly from the same platform, without the need to download or use other apps or websites.

It’s definitely a big step forward for the Microsoft social network. In this way, in fact, various subscribers will have the ability to manage your own page and presence even more efficient on social media, it organizes everything in the best way.

Coming a few hours after another incredible Twitter news about Elon Musk hiring Geohot, the hacker who managed to hack the PS3, comes news that we imagine could please the platform’s numerous subscribers in Italy.

Source: Every Eye


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