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TSMC enters the 1 nm process, investments exceeding 32 billion dollars are ready

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Following TSMC’s investments in the United States to manufacture 3-nanometer chips with a second production line in Arizona, Taiwanese giant rushes towards 1 nanometer process With a series of new investments exceeding $32 billion.

The appalling figure that TSMC is prepared to spend on this technology was shared with the international public by Taiwan’s deputy prime minister, Shen Jong-chin, but has yet to receive confirmation from the company itself. Therefore, according to what was handled by the UDN, the Ministry of Economy supporting TSMC in research and development It has the most advanced production process internationally, while also collaborating to manage the land and key resources (water and electricity) necessary to bring this line to life.

At the moment, keep in mind, TSMC still needs to work on the 3nm node for it to be fully operational by 2023; In addition, 2nm technology has a set launch plan for the two-year period 2025-2026. Because of these reasons The future of the single nanometer is still distantand the benefits of this system are not yet fully defined. One thing is for sure: given the amount of money ready to be invested in the technology, the end products are also likely to be very expensive. However, any confirmation will come in a timely manner.

All in all, here are the plans for the future of chips, according to Samsung.

Source: Every Eye

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