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Iliad launches Flash 120 and Giga 150: details and prices of new special offers

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In mid-November, we followed on the official website that instead of the Flash 160, the Iliad Giga 120 returned from 9,99 euros per month. Leave room for Iliad Flash 120 and Giga 150It is offered at 7.99 euros and 9.99 euros per month, respectively: let’s see in detail what it contains.

Let’s start with Flash 120 in the IliadAvailable today, 24 November 2022, instead of the Iliad Giga 80. It is a subscription offer. until 15 December 2022 online, at Iliad Store and Corner, 120 Giga on 4G, unlimited minutes of calling to Italian landlines and mobile numbers – and some international destinations – plus unlimited SMS. The activation cost is 9.99 euros, plus an initial install of 7.99 euros; In case of an upgrade from a previous Iliad offer, the cost is equal to 0 Euros.

Giga 150 in the Iliad It also arrives today, November 24, and will remain open until further notice to allow existing customers, users interested in portability, or consumers looking to access 5G at a competitive price by changing their number. In addition to the 150 GB mobile network, the Iliad Giga 150 actually includes unlimited calls and SMS on 5G for 9.99 euros per month, as the name suggests.

For more information, visit the official Iliad website.

In concluding, we instead point you to the TIM portability offerings for November 2022.

Source: Every Eye

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