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AMD less cores for the RX 7800? Sensational leak directly from the developers


this New graphics cards from AMD they’re now the main issue in terms of hardware, and that’s not too surprising. All has been said about the next generation of the red suit, from launch overkill to a possible Radeon RX 7000 shortage in a matter of hours over Christmas.

In short, the subject is one of the most intimate, especially in light of the big questions left by the author. New offers from NVIDIA and, above all, those revealed in the review of the RTX 4080, which is a technically outstanding graphics card, but occupies a questionable economic position relative to both its predecessor and its older sister, the RTX 4090.

But aside from prices and availability, public attention has turned to other families as well, and important specs news has surfaced in the last few hours. RX 7800 and RX 7700or rather, the respective graphics chips, excluding corruption made by the manufacturer.

There Navi GPU32 It should sit under the shell of 7800 desktops, and according to new clues, it may have a lower-than-expected core count. Rumor has it that this also confirms the same hypothesis that has been formulated about the younger sister for some time. ships33.

Specifically, Navi32 should have 60 CUs instead of 64 for a total of 3840 Stream Processors. Navi33 should be 32 CUs for 2048 Stream processors. These details are not from an unknown source, but directly. AMD developers For ROCM software.

At this point, these cards are likely to come up with their exact specifications. Either way, keep an eye out CES 2023Special notes for the fair, which will be held in January and which will feature major names in the industry, is the RX 7000M for the laptop segment.

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