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WindTre raises landline deactivation costs: it comes in at more than 70 euros

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After reviewing WindTre’s 2022 Christmas price list between best-in-class smartphones and FTTH fiber at advantageous prices, we turn to the orange phone operator to talk about an important decision:increase in costs for deactivation of the fixed network.

As reported by MondoMobileWeb colleagues, these changes are already implemented for activations. As of 21 November 2022 costs equal to a minimum of 35 Euros (for switching from an FTTC line to other operators) and a maximum of 69 Euros for the disposal of the WindTre fixed line in FTTH fiber. These figures do not include VAT. and is always paid due to termination or handling.

This mechanism is explained by the Italian operator as follows: “During the initial contract period, in case of premature withdrawal from the minimum term of the Contract, an amount equal to the actual costs incurred by Wind Tre to close the line or transfer the service, even by transfer to another operator, will be charged as shown in the Table.”. However, this mechanism is not in line with the AGCOM decision on which the remuneration was made. was equal to one month of the bid. In addition, it is not specified what will happen in the event of relocation or decommissioning after the minimum contract period has passed.

Speaking of WindTre though, we remind you that the Reload Exchange program is available for used smartphones.

Source: Every Eye

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