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Incredibly true, he developed a video game just for dogs for a noble cause

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Video games are certainly a well-loved pastime for humans, but what about dogs? A startup based in the UK and called joipaw – trying to create video games for our four-legged friends.

Reason? According to the company’s leader, Dersim Avdar, maintaining technology and even improve cognition of aging dogs. Therefore, this is not only entertainment, but also real mental work.

kind of game dog version of “beat the mole”and the creatures have to press their noses against a touchscreen (anti-spit) device to train their gray matter. Games get harder over time, and a wearable tracker measures their progress.

Our goal is simple: to help every dog ​​on the planet live longer, happier and healthier lives.‘reads the company’s website.’We do this by turning daily physical and mental training into a sustainable lifestyle with our console, games and wearable tracker.

video game It is not intended to replace real-life playtime between humans and man’s best friend. – this is still necessary. Even science supports the thesis that animal-computer interaction can provide cognitive benefits in the face of constant interaction between owner and dog.

In short, now you can play with your console in the company of your trusted four-legged friend.

Source: Every Eye

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