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AVM Fritz!Box 7590 AX and Fritz! Repeater 6000: a better network with WiFi 6


It is as important as our latest generation networking device skills in order to dominate the playing field in online gaming sessions: We talked about this in our exclusive online games with AVM, the German brand known for devices in this series. Broken!.

Our Ömer had the opportunity to closely examine two of the brand’s products in the past weeks, exactly the AVM Fritz!Box 7590 AX and Fritz network devices! Repeaters 6000.

On the one hand, compatible latest generation router main DSL connections and WiFi 6 and the ability to prioritize a specific device to support the fastest possible exchange of packets and lower its ping during gaming sessions.

On the other hand, in many domestic situations it is the coverage, not the router itself, that makes the difference. There are situations where even the best mainstream devices cannot guarantee a full signal in the farthest corners of the house, and for this Broken! Repeaters 6000 It can offer a perfect solution both because it is compatible with modem routers of other brands and above all because it can create a real mesh network with other devices. Fritz range! at the snap of a finger.

To learn more about the two products, we suggest you take a look at the video you can find at the beginning: have fun!


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