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Do your sneezes smell bad? Here’s why

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Have you ever noticed a bad smell after sneezing? It can say a lot about your health. Beware, a smelly sneeze is normal, you should ask if the odor persists over time. a private medical consultation.

well they have four categories number of foul-smelling sneezes: “sweet” (sweet), “dirty” (foul), “acids” (Sour) and “ammonia” (ammonia).

This sweet-smelling sneezes They can be the result of chemicals produced by bacteria in the sinuses, high ketones (produced by the liver when there isn’t enough insulin in the body), or diabetic ketoacidosis.

Instead, a foul-smelling sneezing is the result of a sinus infection (sinusitis). It is manifested by the enlargement of the paranasal sinuses. Normally, the sinuses are filled with air, making them the perfect place for microorganisms to grow. One of the consequences of infection is bad breath, so any sneeze will be foul-smelling.

raping her sour smelling air it “simply” states that the patient in question has bad breath. When you sneeze, “smelly” saliva is expelled in addition to the air, so the breath is also smelly. In these cases, it is recommended to accompany normal tooth brushing with flossing and mouthwash. If that still doesn’t help, you may be suffering from gum disease.

If it is a more sensitive and serious situation, ammonia-smelling sneezingbecause this could indicate a serious kidney or liver problem. Ammonia is not excreted efficiently and this means that there is a build-up of exhaled ammonia.

Without going off topic, have you ever sneezed after drinking coffee?

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