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Loving the BMW 7 Series enough to have 15 units in the garage

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This year BMW unveiled its new 7 Series, but its latest design choices don’t get excellent feedback from the public and it’s always pretty critical at this point, but for Jakub Berthoty the new Bavarian flagship is okay his passion lies in the old BMW 7 Series.

His love for the 7 Series began with the early launch of the second generation model, dubbed the E32. It was the first imported model used by Czechoslovak authorities.and our hero immediately fell in love with them, seeing them as spaceships in relation to other cars found in the area.

As soon as he had enough money, Jakub bought an E32 7 Series with some modifications from the AC Schnitzer tuner (in Germany the police use BMW i4s modified by AC Schnitzer), but this was only the first of many other units he currently has. in his garage. Now collection includes 15 examples of the BMW 7 Seriesof this generation E32 (1986-1994) but also from some first generation units bearing the initials E23 (1977-1986).

However, the passion for Bavarian cars has its roots in the family, and even Jakub’s father Bystric has over time amassed other models from the 60s and 70s such as the BMW E9, as well as newer models such as the BMW M5 E39. (1998-2003). On the other hand, which model would you fill your garage with?

Source: Every Eye

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