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Empathetic people have a special ability to understand animals.

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Can you recognize your pet’s mood just by their vocalizations? Being able to interpret various meows and grunts may be a sign of yours, according to a new study. strong empathy.

The study, led by ethologist Elodie Briefer of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, more empathetic people can better describe animal emotions based on sound.

To conduct the experiment, the researchers collected records of domestic animals (including farm animals such as horses, cows, and goats) and wild animals. In addition to these, human voices are also included.

Recordings of animal and human voices – with different stress levels – played to 1024 participants; They were then asked to fill out a questionnaire. measuring their empathic traits.

Despite our inability to decipher aggressive behavior in dogs, the results of the study accurately described the meaning of an animal sound more than 50% of the time.

Participants were shown to be more likely to recognize the sounds of pets (especially affected by high levels of stress) and people rather than wild animals. Additionally, people accustomed to working with animals were better at understanding their emotional states.

The results of this research are all mammals share the same emotional system. Our feline friends are no exception: mirror research has shown that cats can understand us when we speak.

Source: Every Eye

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