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Google’s future plans on the smartphone side have been leaked: that’s when it’s foldable

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In 2022, Google managed to gain a foothold in the world of flagship Android smartphones thanks to the Google Pixel 7 series, but they have now appeared online. alleged plans for the future of the brandwhich indicates a persistent focus on foldables.

As reported by Gizchina and ITHome in particular, it has emerged how BigG announcements should be in the field of mobile devices on the Web. from 2023 to 2025. So it refers to the next three years, which apparently won’t be a big deal for the Mountain View company, which seems to want to focus significantly on this market.

Pixel 7a (codenamed Lynx), Pixel 8 (Shiba), Pixel 8 Pro (Husky), Pixel Tablet (Tangor/Pro), and anticipated Pixel Fold (Felix). So, it looks like we may see some good things happen in the foldables space in the next 12 months, at least according to the reveal list that has surfaced on the Web.

2024’s Pixel 8a (Akita), Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro 6.3-inch (Caiman), Pixel 9 Pro 6.7-inch (Komodo) and Second generation foldable Pixel. In 2025, the corresponding models will be Pixel 10 with smaller screen size, Pixel 10 with larger screen size or clamshell, Pixel 10 Pro with smaller screen size, Pixel 10 Pro with larger screen size and the third generation foldable Pixel. .

Clearly No official confirmation yet, but what emerges from the list that has been leaked online seems to be a direction increasingly towards the world of foldable smartphones from 2023. Second, will the foldable market be a year of expansion in Europe as well? We’ll see.

Source: Every Eye

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