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Digital terrestrial, unknown world of DVB-T2 decoders with Alexa

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In the context of major digital terrestrial changes that are now “featured”, many people may find themselves struggling with choosing a decoder to complement their trusted television in order to continue using it. In this context, you may want to elaborate DVB-T2 decoder with Alexa.

We’ve already covered the main DVB-T2 decoder types in these pages, but clearly there are countless solutions out there and technology continues to advance. Among the various possibilities that you may not know, we find the above mentioned: in other words, we are referring to the available decoders. controlled by voice commands.

The reason you haven’t heard many references to this possibility is because there aren’t really many such models on portals like Amazon. However, some solutions that are starting to get noticed because they have Alexa voice assistant (Amazon’s own) support, DIGIQUEST RICD1215 SOUND and Digimediacom T8HVC SOUND NGM.

The former seems to represent the most “popular” solution, at least according to what Amazon states. On the other hand, at the time of writing this article, the price is 35.99 euros through sellers, so there is no talk of excessive cost. However, it should be noted that in this case you need to pair an external Alexa device For volume control, the price obviously goes up if you need the latter. In any case, at the level of volume control, we refer to the possibility of turning on / off the decoder, adjusting the volume, changing channels, recording a program and more.

However, regarding the Digimediacom T8HVC VOICE NGM model, the price of the second model is 51.99 Euros at the time of this writing, but Has Alexa built in. This means you don’t go through external devices when it comes to voice commands because you do everything. with remote control. Among the various features of this genre specified by the manufacturer, we find the possibility of zapping and using the classic features of the remote control in this way, as well as the possibility of taking advantage of smart features, for example, those in connection with Amazon Music.

Frankly, we don’t recommend buying any device here, but it was worth a trivial mention.the presence of this type of DVB-T2 decoder. Indeed, it is in some ways an “unknown” world.

Source: Every Eye

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