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Synology Diskstation DS932+ brings the cloud to your home; that’s how it works

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Synology Diskstation DS932+ It offers users a very good solution for home storage via the cloud, with a large storage system as well as four slots where you can install up to four hard drives of over 50 terabytes each.

However, it is not just a filing system, as communicating with the network allows access to files from anywhere in the world and from any device. It is a solution that has recently gained ground in business and corporate areas as well as in the home environment.

Inside We found two additional slots to use as DS923+ cache, as well as a system that allows you to quickly remove hard drives through an ad hoc mechanism that prevents unwanted accidents. There are also some LEDs on the body that indicate that each hard disk and a USB slot are working. There are two fans at the back, which guarantees an active distribution system at all times.

However, for all the details, we direct you directly to the movie you saw at the beginning.

Source: Every Eye

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