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Who created the Kummakivi formation that defies the laws of physics?

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Curiously it can be found in southeast Finland. Geological formation named “Kummakivi”. It’s simple to describe with the eye: a huge rock that seems perfectly balanced on another stone, but how did such a structure come about? All the work of mother nature.

When science did not exist and the human mind created supernatural beings to make the most complex explanations, the work was thought to have been erected by giants. The actually immovable structure (because yes, it looks unstable but actually immobile) was created by glaciers.

In fact, this area of ​​Finland was once covered by an ice floe that retreated about 8,000 years ago. Similar structures are called by insiders PBR or “dangerously balanced rock”and similar examples can be found all over the world. They are also used by insiders as “reverse seismometers” as their presence indicates. The region is not vulnerable to earthquakes. (can also create “desert tsunamis”).

The stable rock was most likely left there as the glaciers retreated from the area and anchored it in the rocky ground, leaving this incredible structure in place. Kummakivi means “strange rock” in FinnishIt weighs 500,000 kilograms and a pine tree has been growing on the stone since the 1980s.

It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Source: Every Eye

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