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J turn to get out of the parking lot: wife shows off in the snow

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The cold is starting to make itself felt overseas, especially where an extremely harsh climate is causing many problems for the populations of various American cities, not to mention Canada. heavy snow covered everything – perfect opportunity to show off your driving skills.

Actually, the opening video comes from Canada, specifically Taylor, British Columbia, recorded by a security camera in the parking lot of a house we saw. A Chrysler Pacifica van that makes a perfect J turn exit the parking area.

And the images were: Posted by driver’s husbandis clearly proud of the qualities displayed by his wife. The video quickly went viral on the Internet and is excellent proof of that. undermining the age-old question that women and cars can’t agree on: How many times have we heard the proverb “the woman behind the wheel is in constant danger”, but after watching this video, we are sure that many will change their minds on the subject.

The J turn was brilliantly accomplished with a movie-worthy execution, and those who are more careful will also notice the perfect timing between disengaging reverse, tapping the brake, and restarting, all done without interruption. And before you leave, don’t miss this ridiculous and very dangerous U-turn of a truck on the highway.

Source: Every Eye

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