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TIM gives new customers three months of 5G access, but beware

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TIM continues to support the activation of mobile offers with access to 5G through promotional initiatives. We talked about unlimited Giga on 5G at a special price for a limited number of users in mid-December, coming today 3 months extension of free 5G Promotion dedicated to new customers.

as received MondoMobileWeb, TIM relaunches a special SMS campaign with a message similar to the following: “Free 5G promotion is active for 3 months. You can try TIM’s 5G network browsing experience with your new smartphone. The promotion provides gigabytes of your TIM offer for free at 5G browsing speed. lower latency, ultra-wideband and higher connection capacity and quality. Check coverage on tim.it”

The offer is automatically activated when the TIM customer inserts the new SIM into a SIM card. 5G smartphone purchased from carrier’s outlets. After three months of free, another SMS will arrive suggesting the activation of another paid 5G promotion to continue enjoying the fifth generation mobile network. Of course, you need to make sure that the operator covers your municipality.

What speed can be reached with this promotion? It is set to a maximum of 2 Gbps for download, while for upload it settles between 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps depending on the quality of coverage and the rate plan you subscribe to.

If you’re interested in switching to TIM to take advantage of the “3 months free 5G offer”, here are the TIM mobility offers for December 2022.

Source: Every Eye

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