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Vandals destroyed 30,000-year-old indigenous rock drawings in Australia

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To enter the Koonalda Caves in South Australia, the Vandals overcame barbed wire and dug under a steel door. The site is home to a 30,000-year-old native rock depiction. the brutality of the attackers. The cave is considered a sacred place by the Mirning Aboriginal people.

These drawings are outstanding archaeological resourceWitnessing the Aboriginal occupation of South Australia and the historical community did not hesitate to express their displeasure at this event, first of all the Attorney General South Australia and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Kyam Maher:Some of these caves Early evidence of Aboriginal occupation that part of the country. Frankly, it’s shocking”. The vandals, who have not yet been identified, face a $10,000 fine or half a year in prison.

Vandals caused a great deal of damage. Art cannot be savedKeryn Walshe, archaeologist of ancient Aboriginal sites, tells the Guardian. “The surface of the cave is very soft. You can’t remove graffiti without destroying the underlying art. It is a great and tragic loss to be tampered with in this way.”.

data “changed the scientific community and public understanding. Australia and world prehistory“, byAustralian National Register of Heritage Sites.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we tell you about those who pollute the sacred caves.

Source: Every Eye

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