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Snowmageddon: The terrible blizzard that hit the USA

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A terrible polar storm hit the USA It brought disturbance, destruction, and death on a weekend during the Christmas period that gave the phrase “white Christmas” a decidedly negative connotation. A disaster movie situation described by many as “Snowmageddon” is a true snow apocalypse.

The temporary balance communicated by the authorities illustrates the drama of the event, with stories of families stranded for days that cost dozens of victims in the United States this weekend alone and continue to cause many problems in New York state as well. what happened anyway Described as “the blizzard of the century”.

Buffalo mayor (one of the largest cities in the state) Byron Brown said the metropolis remains. crippled for more than five days due to a large amount of snow reaching heights of more than five feet, causing power outages and general problems.

The mayor’s words were later echoed by New York state governor Kathy Hochul, originally from Buffalo, who described the storm’s consequences as follows: “a real battlefield”. “Definitely the Blizzard of the Century”added in shock.

The explanation of events is actually nonsense. As temperatures drop, commuters and some residents are fleeing their frozen homes, according to emergency officials. stuck on highwayscannot be saved.

As if this weren’t enough, the snowplows could not do their job due to the intensity of the storm, and the ambulances in some regions could not be reached for tens of hours. made it necessary to save the same rescuers.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled, entire towns isolated, thousands of homes without electricity and heating, cars and people stranded under huge blankets of snow, temperatures tens of degrees below zero. This is really dramatic and unfortunately common in various parts of the United States. Tragic death toll of over 50 (unfortunately still temporary).

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has recently approved a state of emergency declaration for the various affected states. “They had the worst Christmas of their lives”

Just a year ago, an unprecedented storm hit the United States, or rather Texas, but the current “winter bomb” is even more devastating considering the fact that accumulating snow is also a dangerous sponge of pollutants.

Source: Every Eye

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