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Mediaset enables DVB Subtitle and dual HE-AAC audio: what they are and what they are about

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Making the transition to MPEG-4 digital terrestrial media, Mediaset has taken another step towards modernizing its television offering. by enabling the new DVB Subtitle service.

This system, explained by experts, better readability of subtitles, with more direct and simple operation also for disabled users. The Cologno Monzese group fully explains that enabling this technology is aimed at improving the viewing experience for deaf or hard of hearing viewers and is completely independent of the legacy teletext system.

L’activation takes place directly via the corresponding button on the remote control (often referred to as “Backup”) or via the TV or decoder settings menu. DVB Subtitle is available on Canale 5, Italia1, Rete4, Iris, Top Crime, Canale27, Cine34, Il 20, La5, Italia2 and Focus.

But dual audio also comes to Canale5, Italia1, Rete4, Iris, Top Crime, Canale27, Il 20, La5, Italia2 and Focus: in this case too it can be activated via the remote control or the TV settings. The transmission takes place with the HE-AAC codec, allowing you to get the sound in Italian and in its original language, the native language transmitted with Dolby Digital Plus encoding. These are undoubtedly two excellent innovations.

Source: Every Eye

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