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TikTok, first ban in the US: blocked by smartphones in the House of Representatives

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The possible ban of TikTok in the USA has been talked about for a while, but the news from America today does nothing but add credibility and strength to the rumors that have emerged in the past hours. ByteDance app blocked from smartphones in the House of Representatives United states.

On such devices Using or downloading social media app is prohibited. The decision was made by House of Representatives Chief Executive Catherine Szpindor, who ordered lawmakers and House of Representatives staff to remove TikTok from all government-owned devices that use it, and also bans future downloads of the TikTok app.

this is not the first star-studded politicians cursing at Asian social media apps. Marco Rubio actually introduced a bipartisan bill to completely ban TikTok in the US. Protect Americans from the threat posed by certain xenophobes who use current or potential social media companies to obtain sensitive data about Americans or to disseminate campaigns of influence, propaganda, and censorship.

TikTok CEO recently apologized for some employees accessing journalists’ IP addresses. The news quickly went viral on the Internet and caused quite a bit of controversy.

Source: Every Eye

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