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Is Elon Musk gearing up for another takeover in the tech world? she is shaking

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After what happened in the context of the Twitter acquisition, it’s hardly surprising that not everyone fully welcomes Elon Musk’s initiatives. There is currently a discussion about one. new potential CEO recruitment: Yes, you got it right.

The initiation of the babble, also reported by Gizchina and Teslarati, was conceived by none other than the always active Musk; tweets. In this context, upon the question of a user who is a member of Twitter Blue (therefore, the corresponding blue tick is linked to subscription), CEO says he is open to ideas a potential purchase

What did the affected user say? Second, a potential purchase sub-heapsA web platform that allows independent users to manage blogs and email newsletters could make such a service more integrated within Twitter. Discussions about this potential decision are not lacking, as some Musk supporters have already referred to “undermining the mainstream media” and similar aspects, emphasizing the controversial nature of the new idea. On the other hand, it is not the first time Musk has pointed at the media with his finger.

However, it must be said that there was a simple tweet from the CEO. doesn’t mean it will actually be a purchaseConsidering the fact that Musk was particularly active on Twitter during this period. What awaits us in the future? Let’s see: Meanwhile, while the CEO is talking about potential new acquisitions, the period is certainly not the quietest for the social network Twitter.

Source: Every Eye

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