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How much does a Tesla Model 3 really cost after 100,000 km?

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How much does it really cost to own and use one? Tesla Model 3? A question that the famous youtuber asked himself Two Bits Da VinciContent creator with nearly 353,000 subscribers who owns an electric car manufactured by Elon Musk’s auto company.

Two Bit da Vinci notes that the Model 3 is still seen by many as expensive, but all the same “biggest deal in automotive history”. Youtuber decided to buy Tesla on December 26, 2019, so we are talking about a car exactly 3 years ago. During this time he covered about 60,000 miles 96,500 kilometersan average of 32,100 kilometers every 12 months, roughly the mileage traveled by the average driver in the United States.

Two Bit da Vinci announced this when he bought the Model 3 wasn’t sure what to expectHe also added that three years ago it was considered an expensive car, although its list price is below today. However, we cannot go without saying that recently used Teslas have seen a 17% drop in price lists, and this is undoubtedly good news for those who want to own a Musk car, while new ones are delivered in a shorter time.

After this due premise, Two Bits is gone crush all the numbers about expenses From home charging to public charging points, the cost of maintaining your Tesla Model 3, then repairs, maintenance and much more. In addition, the youtuber focused on other non-measurable aspects such as comfort, space, quality, battery degradation and software. Analyzing some data, Two Bit announced that they have. spent 3,300 Euros in 3 years to top up The Model 3 explains that a petrol-powered Honda Civic during the same period will cost around 8,500 euros to refuel.

On the other hand, repair and maintenance costs were very low, so only 2.800 Euros for new alloy wheels and two sets of tires. We leave you to the video on the page for all the detailed costs., but before we leave, we remind you that several Tesla Model 3s are available for delivery in Italy at a discount until 31 December 2022.

Source: Every Eye

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