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Have you ever seen a LEGO train shoveling snow? You will be surprised

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A few days ago we saw a diesel engine made from LEGO, which are huge fully functional replicas that demonstrate the exceptional nature of LEGO Technic kits. You can build many structures, cars and more with Danish bricks: for example, have you ever seen one? a LEGO train used as a snow shovel?

Thanks to the Brickcrafts YouTube channel, we can actually see this little creation in action in a real experiment that was born two years ago. First of all, of course, it was necessary. Clear part of the floor to lay the LEGO rails, even by dividing them into several paths. Then, behind the scenes, Brickcrafts built a fairly simple yet still beautiful looking structure that uses a three-bladed propeller to clear snow from the track.

The snowplow train is by no means ideal for clearing the ground, but the video shows that it can avoid obstacles of several centimeters thanks to the power of the built-in engine. The original project later saw some significant changes. removing the propeller guard This was more of a hindrance than a safety precaution.

Added to this technical problem is wet snow that is difficult to remove from LEGO tracks. To get around this, Brickcrafts has a Second test on lighter snow at higher altitudesimplementation of a second engine: The result is a success, a LEGO snowplow in working order despite obvious limitations.

But last April we saw a remote-controlled LEGO Flintstones car.

Source: Every Eye

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